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2013 Reading Challenge
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Sempre (Forever, #1) - J.M. Darhower "I can't save the world, Haven, but I'll save you...even if it's the last thing I do."-Carmine

OMG, This book was A-FREAKIN-MAZING!!!


I read this with my smut-ateers and let me tell you we were blown away. This is the story of two teens of different classes, one a slave and one a mobsters son, coming together against all odds. Haven has lived since the moment she was born as a slave. She takes care of the home of her masters. She is not allowed to eat during the day time, she sleeps in the stables with the horses, and gets beaten anytime something isn't done right or if her masters just happen to be having a bad day. To make the story more interesting her father is her master, even though he doesn't claim her. Her mother finally convinces her to run but she doesn't make it far, next thing she knows, Dr. DeMarco has come to take her away and she is to work for him. This is where she meets his sons Dominic and Carmine. Instantly Carmine and Haven have a connection even though neither say anything about it to one another, until Carmine can't hold back any longer and his theory is confirmed.

Colpo di fulmine. The thunderbolt, as Italians call it. When love strikes someone like lightning, so powerful and intense it can't be denied. It's beautiful and messy, cracking a chest open and spilling their soul out for the world to see. It turns a person inside out, and there's no going back from it. Once the thunderbold hits, your life is irrevocably changed.


"Colpo di fulmine?" he suggested. She just stared at him, and he smiled. "I guess your gonna want a translation. It's when you're drawn to someone so forcefully that it's like being struck by lightning."

Of course realizing your in love is the easy part. Fighting to keep that love alive and staying together is the hard part. And Carmine and Haven had a harder time keeping themselves together than most normal relationships do. Not only did Carmine have a past with the ladies, he had also earned himself some enemies along the way. That was just normal teenager stuff trying to come between them. What others didn't know was all the other things fighting against them. For starters the classes try to come between them. Haven has only ever known that slave life, so adjusting to more of a normal life was stressful and threatened their relationship. Then the two find out there is a bigger connection between their families that they weren't aware of, not to mention who Haven really is and why she is really there. Also, add in plenty of shootings, kidnappings, death, their struggles to communicate, the mob, Dr. DeMarco himself, and even Carmine's temper.


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Through it all, even when they pull away from each other, they never stop loving each other.

"Do you feel this? We belong togehter." He kissed her."Sempre."


This book was soo good. Inspiring. I loved reading about how Carmine and Haven changed each other. Almost brought each other alive. They had both been just breathing and walking through life. But once they found each other they actually lived and made each other stronger. My favorite part that I desperately want to acknowledge is their special Valentine's getaway. AWE, it was so sweet adn peaceful for them. I will warn the last 30% of this book is majorly intense. It's not a cliffhanger but leaves you wanting more and as scared as I am to read the next book, I can't wait all in the same breath.

'Nella vita:chi non risica, non rosica' (In life:nothing ventured, nothing gained)