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2013 Reading Challenge
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This Man (This Man, #1) - Jodi Ellen Malpas

SO, in my second read of this book, I'm still so the same page I was before. It's pure craziness, plain and simple. I love it, it makes me insane, gave me a little anxiety, but I still love it. It's intense, I just want to yell at these people that maybe if they stopped having sex for five minutes and had an honest conversation they may be on the same page and understand their relationship better, but you know where would be the fun in that. I really do have a thing for this book. If I was dealing with Jesse Ward in real life I would probably notify the CIA, FBI and ever po-po that would listen but in this book its just crazy sexy and I wouldn't mind being distracted with his tactics. I can't wait to start book 2.


and MR. Ward I need to know more about you too!! (:

*Originally Review Read November 16*
Holy Shitballs!!! I'm actually not sure I can put my true thoughts down on this book. I finished this last night and my mind is still full of "rubbish".

Jesse is a over possessive, smoking hot, controlling, billionaire. He asks to specifically hire Ava to come to decorate some new bedrooms in his establishment. At first meeting sparks fly and both know they want each other, however, Ava sees bad news and turns the project over to her boss. Jesse had discovered what he wants and becomes relentless to get it. AfteR Ava fighting with all her might she discovers she is all out of fight and gives in to her need. Ava and Jesse start out a very HOT affair. Ava continues to fight her attraction to Jesse, but once Jess has had her he feels there is no turning back. These two characters argue back and forth the entire book. Ava would get tired of Jesse trying to control her and leave him only for him to convince her to come back.

Jesse for sure is a control freak. He explains he has never felt like or acted like this with anyone else. That his need to be with her all the time and make sure she is safe is consuming to him. At times, I thought Jesse was bat shit crazy. At times, stalker'ish'. Ava would be doing her own thing and then bam, here comes Jesse out of no where. At times it was hot, and others just flat out crazy. With that being said I LOVE JESSE!!!! Sure, he is full of secrets, including his own freaking age. We don't even really find out too many of his secrets. During the book I had even figured out the BIG secret of this book about his Manor, but in the end still shocked.

Ava is a little naive. I mean this whole book there were hints of what the big secret was and she never caught on. Yes, not knowing his age would drive me insane, only because he made such a big deal about not telling her. But, there is no way I would have just took his excuses and let his answers go. She tried to get somewhat some sort of control, but she never really had the power and if she thought she did she was clueless.

Overall, I really liked this read. It packs in some really smokin hot sex, some suspense,and a bit of a crazy alpha male. It has a bit of a cliffhanger but nothing that won't be bearable to wait out until December, I think, I HATE WAITING!!!! I highly recommend this read. I may have to re-edit this when I think about it some more, my mind is still mush.