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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Ruining You - Nicole Reed, Erinn Giblin " Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the most wonderful things that will ever happen to us."


Oh this story was just beautiful. The last book left me in a bit of a shock, leaving me thinking about it for days. This picks up right after that cliffhanger with Jay in a treatment center fighting to reclaim her life. Her thoughts and actions are just heartbreaking. And the letters from Kane, wow! What an incredible guy. I really don't want to go to much into the details of the story because I don't want to give anything away. I will say when she has some of the best friends that support her through thick and thin. Things were most certainly not easy for her but I love how she fought her demons and came out on the other side a stronger more mature person.

"Do you still ache from the emptiness inside or is it filled with the pain?"-Rhye

Rhye, oh sweet, dangerous Rhye. He loved Jay. No doubt about it. I agree with the outcome of how everything worked out between him and Jay. He is dark and mysterious and wow can he sing a love song.

"Are you serious about living your life for you? Or do you need to make more emtpy promises that don't mean shit? Are you serious about moving on with your life and having a relationship with someone that wants you to care about what you think of yourself? Who wants you to learn to love yourself so that you can love him as much as he has come to realize that he loves you?-Kane


And Kane. My oh my Kane. He was just perfection. He is so patient and caring. He puts up with so much just to see her through to make sure she is okay in the end. Everyone deserves a love like Kane. He may have been described as a beautiful man on the outside but this guy was beautiful inside and out. Without a doubt he deserves every happiness he gets in the end and more.

This story is packed with lots of drama and emotional hurdles. Jay is a beautiful but broken girl who has been through hell and back and struggles to get back and fight for everything life has to offer. She has a great support system. Eli was really awesome and I really wish he would have been around a little more. I think he was a huge reason she was able to start coming around sooner than she was on the track to. Cal was a heartbreaking addition to the story and I know he was also helpful with Jay. Everyone played there parts and it was all just very touching. I would recommend this story over and over. It was heartbreaking and emotional but also promising, for it makes you think of hope for better and to always look to the future. Just because the dark clouds are over you today, tomorrow is a new day, things change and the sun will come out again.