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2013 Reading Challenge
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Damned - Bec Botefuhr When I first started this book, this is what I was expecting to imagine...


I mean give me some credit, what's the first thing anybody in this time thinks of when they think of pirates. Yes, Jack Sparrow is hunky in his own quirky way, but take it from me for everything it's worth, JAX WATTS IS NO JACK SPARROW.

I imagine he looks a little more like...

Hot right?!?!?!

When the story first starts, there is a real life princess. YES, Lives in a castle, Russian Princess. She is "gifted" and her parents refuse to let her outside of the castle walls unprotected. She is then notified that she is to marry James, for whom she hates, and start having babies with him within a year. When Jade is notified of this she rebels and runs with her friends to the pirate bar right outside of her walls and meets Pirate Jax. At first meeting there is a fast friendship. She feels herself being drawn to him and leaves only for him to ask her to come back. She's reluctant but after being slapped by her dad and her future husband she runs to Jax. There relationship starts as only friends. Believe me right up front Jack announces he does not do love and not to fall in love with him or he'll leave. I say this now because he reinstates this fact a little more often than not.


So, things start between the two, with a couple conditions. Things are well until, you know, pirate takes princess virginity, turns out pirate is a pain whore, princess is told she has a week until she has to marry dickweed, pirates welcome princess, HEA, wait not so fast, PRINCESS FALLS IN LOVE WITH PIRATE, oops. You know what that means. Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirates life for me.

So, somtime passes, TWO long years, I can't give all the details, it would ruin the book but princess runs away. Low and behold she runs back into Jax. This is quiet an eventful reunion but good times appear again and pirate and the princess are back on good terms. You know a few cat fights, a day at the amusement park with some burgers, a night out, a little jealousy, some hefty confessions, some loving. AHHH, this, this is when I really really got into the story and just couldn't stop.


But you know, when a princess runs away or is missing, well people are going to come looking for her. So, now there are a group of mostly loveable pirates on the run with a princess in tow who is running away from being married to a life she doesn't want. That's pretty bad right? Right, however that isn't the only things stirring up the seas. Bring in enemy pirates, missing treasure maps, curses, betraying wives, jealous women, these two just can't get a break or can they? I spill no more.


This book was just completely different from anything I've read. Completely different from what I expected it to be. It was just amazing in a crazy way. Jade and Jax fought like cats and dogs. One minute these two are all over each other and the next one of them says or does something stupid and the other goes crazy. I will warn this books ends in a cliffhanger so have the next book available. Also,there are major editing issues. The story was good enough I could look over them, but the lack of contractions sorta drove me insane but I ended up getting so wrapped up in the story I mentally just made the words into each other and read on. I absolutely loved this crazy messed up couple. I can't not wait to start the next book. Ahoy matey!!