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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Midnight Angel - Lisa Marie Rice I really really enjoyed this series. This was another great installment that just left me smiling.

Allegra has been left blind due to being beaten by her record producer. She is struggling to get her life back in order. While singing at a Foundation gathering shots are fired and she is plunged under the stage by Senior Cheif Douglas Kowalski. They share a romantic kiss for which fireworks automatically go off and then he leaves her to go help his friends take down the bad guys. When Douglas comes back for her she is having flashbacks from when she went blind and Douglas takes her home planning to be ever the gentleman and make sure she is okay. But these two have such a strong pull to each other he ends up staying with her and never leaving. The two fall madly in love and when trouble from Allegra's past comes back to haunt her Kowalski will stop at nothing to keeping her safe.

Kowalski being a military man has seen his fair share of battles and claims himself as ugly with a big scar on his jaw and a massively broken jaw, but this guy was so beautiful on the inside there was no way he was ugly. I have seen the book described as a modern day Beauty and the Beast. I guess it could be considered that but this guy was so beautiful on the inside and so deliciously good to Allegra I just can't see it.

There was a small sneak of continuation of what was going on with the previous characters in this series but for this to be the last book I would have liked a little more. Especially that ending. She wakes up the end. That was a little disappointing for me, but overall a great book and great series.