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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Midnight Run - Lisa Marie Rice WOWZA!!! That was just so awesome!! Tyler "Bud" Morrison is one serious dude. Let me just say that was one hot romance going quickly from one-night stand to guy takes girls virginity to virgin turns into little insatiable minx to I love you were getting married. These midnight men move fast. Within days they find themselves a woman and put a ring on it and every minute in between that time is rip roaring intense hot pounding sexy times. I feel extremely guilty for ever saying that I was disappointed in the quick ending in the first book because I got to see what ended up happening in this book.


So, So good!!! I loved Bud and how he was MR. Control until he meets Claire and then all of his control just gets up and walks away. Claire, poor thing, has lived such a hard life and she is just ready to move on from that and get her life back. Bud is the answer to that until one conversation with her dad changes him. I think his heart was in the right place but he needed to listen to Claire and take how she felt into consideration. In the end, I think all of this was fixed, forced or not. Again the story ended in a very quick way but I feel that hopefully we will get even more in the next story.