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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Beautifully Damaged - L.A. Fiore This book was so, so good!! I have to admit there were some mixed reviews, but I try to start each book with an open mind. I was for sure not anywhere near disappointed.


The reader meets Trace Montgomery in a bar defending a rather shy Ember Walsh's honor. Right then she is warned he is a womanizing badass and to not get attached. Something about him just pulls Ember to him. Then, the chance meetings just start happening more often. I guess I have a bad thing for these hot men with damaged souls. Trace Montgomery for sure is that man. I just wanted to wrap him up in a bear hug and fight his battles for him. Trace has dark secrets and doesn't let anyone in. A friendship begins and then the two start to fall for each other.

There are two parts to this book. Part one is the love story of Ember and Trace. Part two is more of a suspense story with Trace and Ember working together to figure out a murder mystery. I feel like I'm being cryptic by not giving many details away, but that's the beauty of this story finding out the details.

I did feel like in the end some of the storyline was left hanging. Maybe that means there is going to be a sequel, I need to check. I wonder what happens to evil bitch Lena and what happened with her and Todd. Also I would like to know what ended up happening to Dane. In the end it said his whole family would be brought down, but I specifically want to know what happened to Dane. Also, I have further questions about Victoria, but don't want to elaborate on that in my review due to causing spoilers.


Overall, I really liked this book. OMG, Trace Montgomery was just straight up yummy. He was so sensitive, protective, and sweet. I loved how Ember came out of her shy shell and put Lena in her place and saved Trace in every way imaginable. Such a great read. :)