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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Restoring Jordan - Elizabeth Finn Be still my beating heart. I have met me a new book boyfriend and I AM IN LOVE!!!

This book takes right off with the opening line being "Do you want to fuck me?"WOWZA, indeed!!!

Jordan Ellinwood and Adeline Parker meet on not so normal circumstances. She is out with her friends celebrating. Jordan is out for a buisness meeting. They can't seem to not notice each other. When Adeline exits the restroom there is Jordan asking her if she wants him. She hides the fact that she's a virgin and goes home with him. He lets her know this is a one time deal, not to expect anymore from it. THE SEX WAS AMAZING, but when she retreats to the restroom and relizes her virginity blood is all over her thighs she leaves. I mean it was supposed to be a one time deal after all, why bother staying and witnessing him when he realizes what has happened. Little does she know she will be running into him again two days later, and not only that, his company is where she supposed to be an intern. At first he seems to be positively angry that she is there but in not so long she and he both realize they can't keep their hands off of the other.

The sex scenes in this book were Smoking HOT. The sex scene in the rain, YYUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!

Another hot little scene with a pestle. I will never look at one of those the same again.

I'm telling you, you will need a cold shower when reading this book. Oddly enough, I finished the last 1/2 of this book setting in a Ford Dealership waiting for brakes to be put on my hubs' truck. If only those people around me knew what I was reading, lol!!!


Of course as good as the sex was, there were the ones who like to cause the drama. Vera "McBitch" was the woman who was awful to our sweet innocent Adeline and then Mark Lear to just couldn't deal properly with being denied by her. I absolutely hated Vera the bitch!!!

Of course, we have to deal with all of the angst of these two trying to keep there hands off of each other for multiple reasons. Protecting each other for one. The whole time I was screaming Tell him/her you love them. Of course the whole time he thinks he's not good enough for her and she still thinks he looks at her as a one nighter that's turned temporary or other known by Addy as "Mr. One-Night-Stand". It was so obvious they cared about each other i couldn't understand why the other couldn't see it. Of course in the end, Mr. One Night Stand turns into Mr. Knight in Shinning Armor, and it was extremely romantic.

Read this book. It's such a sweet little gem and needs more appreciation. Read it!!! 5 SEXY STARS!!