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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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The Dark Highlander - Karen Marie Moning Daegus MacKelter. Be still my beating heart.

I have madly loved this series, but this book is for sure one of my favorites. Daegus' life mission was keeping his sleeping brother safe. But in a fire his brother dies. Overwelmed with grief, Daegus goes back in time to make things right for his brother. Thus releasing the 13 "evil spirits" who take over Daegus and slowly start to take over him. In a frantic search to get rid of these, he flees to the future to make sure his brother awakens to Gwen, then starts trying to find a way to rid himself of the 13. Finding answers isn't too easy. He has made every attempt to find answers, including becoming a Goulish Ghost and stealing what has to. Enter Chloe. He has persuaded one museum to let him borrow the 3rd book needed. Chloe is instructed to deliver this book to his penthouse. Daegus returns to find Chloe under his bed digging out lost panties and used magnum sized condom wrappers. (This cracks me up to think of 16th century Daegus using condoms at all. I wonder how he learned about them.)Instant attraction and thus a wonderful story.

Chloe and Daegus fall madly in love, but things aren't easy. She has to deal with a trip to Scotland (sigh, lucky girl), then a trip to the 16th century, loosing her virginity in a field (jealous), and finding out your man is full of evil spirits, and being kidnapped.

Daegus was for sure a fairy tale man. He shares hot erotic dreams with her, protects her even if it means death for him, hello girls, did I mention the magnum sized condoms? Once he realizes he loves her, he would move heaven and earth to do anything for her, oh and he gave those sexy druid vows to her, tying himself to her forever knowing that he may die and forever be loving her from afar.

Another fabulous Scotish tale from KMM.