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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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The Highlander's Touch - Karen Marie Moning I'm really really liking this series. I fall in love over again with each character.

Lisa and Circenn meet on less than normal cirumstances. She is a girl from the present with a lot of responsibilty on her shoulders. He is a fierce warrior who is immortal from the fourteenth century. The saying Curiousity kills the Cat is basically right on point in this story. She touches a historical flask of her bosses where she wasn't even supposed to be. The Flask had been cursed sending her straight back through the past into Circenn's chambers where she finds him shocked and naked. With the curse he has made one of many oaths to kill whoever brought it back the second they showed. But Circenn had also made an oath to his mom not to hurt women and another oath that said he wouldn't spill innocent blood. So, what a fix he has found himself in.

All Lisa wants is to be sent back home, all Circenn wants is to make sure she is actually innocent and find a way to spare her life. But after an accidental marriage annoucment between the two he sees there will be no way he will be able to stand by his oath. Over time they both start having feelings for one another. Circenn makes his known but Lisa is still torn between being with someone she thinks she is falling for or feeling bad about her mom and trying to find a way home.

Circenn was such a Scotish gentleman. He makes his feelings clear but steps back and lets her work through her own. He continues to be a rock for her but also gives her space when he feels its needed. I loved the bond these two ended up having. I thought it was super cool for them to be able to feel what the other is feeling.

I must say, I was a little disappointed in the ending. I mean it was perfect. But after reading everything he did for her, I mean he worked some miracles for her I felt the end was lacking. I wanted to read a little, maybe in the Epilogue, about them sharing there feelings while she was pregnant, or while she was having the baby. I would actually, maybe this is horrible of me, but I really wanted to read about how he felt about the amount of pain she was in while having their baby. It would be the first time in history a man acutally felt what women felt. I wanted to see how he reacted. I also thought after loosing her dad she would have wanted to see him alive. SO, a glimpse into their wedding would have been nice. Or a glimpse into how her parents reacted to going back into the past. There was so much opportunity here and the other two books have given us a glimpse into the future with the happy couple but this one didn't. I was hugely disappointed by this.

Overall, I really liked this book, besides the disappointing ending. I've been told the next three books are the best in the series so I'm excited to start them. I have never been into historical romance AT ALL, but I feel like these are close to it and surprisingly I really like them.