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2013 Reading Challenge
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Beyond the Highland Mist (Highlander, #1) - Karen Marie Moning When you wish apon a star...wishes really do come true...

One word needed.....HAWK!!!! *SIGH*

Apparently I am a sucker for a man with that name. (Wonder if my husband would let me call him that?)

In the first installment of the Highlander series, we meet the man who only needs kilts and strong muscles and is compared in the male anatomy as a stallion. *TOTAL SWOON* I was in love with this guy the second I was introduced to him in this book. He is confident, sexy, strong, demanding, good with his hands,(no really he builds awesome stuff)and super alpha. He alone makes this book worth the read. He has been around the block a time or two and has been betrothed to marry mad Janet Comyn. ON his last week of freedom, Grimm, his bff, jokingly makes a wish on a star that Hawk on will find the one woman he wants and she will not want him back. WISH GRANTED.

Adrienne is from the future or actually the 1990's. She is running from a scary past where she is still constantly looking over her shoulder. Suddenly wisked away to 1513, she is demanded to be Janet Comyn and marry the Hawk. She was strong, witty, independent, and hates beautiful men. Here begins the battle.

He is instantly drawn to her and she him, but with the past she has, she just doesn't trust him with her heart and pulls all the stops to push him away. Of course in the Highlander world there are fae who are constantly messing around in the mortals buisness.

This book was just awesome!!! At times Adrienne drove me absolutely crazy, because Hawk tried to show her time and time again how she was different, but she would only push him away. Of course with the line of crazy ass ex women he had that kept popping up, it wasn't always hard for her to find her motivation to keep pushing. There were a few miscommunications between them that could have been avoided if they had only talked certain things out. I recommend this book highly!! And the next time I see a falling star, I'll be making a wish that a certain laird in only a kilt is wisked away to my doorstep. :D