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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Mile High (Up In The Air, #2) - R.K. Lilley I SOOOO love this series!!!
This installment picks up with things still rocky between Bianca and James' relationship. After thinking things over Bianca decides she just needs some time to think about the way she feels about James. Eventually she decides for a short meeting to discuss their relationship. Let's just say a short meeting never happens. Instantly, James has Bianca back in his wraps and continuing with their relationship. What a whirlwind it is too.

James is relentless when it comes to Bianca. He knows what he wants and nothing will stop him from having it, even if it is Biana herself. He is so determined to prove to her how much he wants her he even tattoos her name on his chest. He seems to have lots of "friends" that are just total bitches that seem to never stop causing troubles for him and Bianca. I think he truely loves Bianca. I just wish he would tell her those exact words already. He has proven to her and said the right words in everyway possible, but Bianca just never really 100% trusts in it.

Speaking of Bianca, I really do adore her, but she needs to trust James a little. I totally understand her thought process but the dude just went and tattooed her name on his chest and her face on his back. I mean to me that seems pretty serious. She thinks she isn't good enough for him or pretty, which is a typical girl confidence problem, but I seriously think she needs to wake up and SEE what James is trying to tell her.blah blah blah, I think I could go on forever here.

The sex in this book was HOLY SMOKING HOT!!! INTENSE!!! WOW, on a horse?!?!?! Chocking?!?!?! It's hard to believe this chick was a virgin when she first started seeing James. Several times Bianca even asked James, "Are you always hard." These guys are INSATIABLE!! The book is 5 stars on the sex alone, lol!!!

I'm worried about the next book. A new family member, her dad, Jules and Jolene, Marie, and maybe even Melissa seem out for blood or money due to their jealousy of her. I think anyone and anything may try to drive them apart, and Bianca being Bianca may just try to let them. CAN"T wait for more of this series!!