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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Second Chances - Lauren Dane This book was awesome!! It for real did something to me. I have had this book downloaded to my kindle for quiet sometime now. I can't believe it has taken me so long to read it. It is for sure a new favorite. The sex was extremely hot in this book!!! And the ending, sigh!!!

Rori has just came home from Paris ending a relationship where she found her boyfriend cheating on her in their bed. First thing, she runs into her high school crush who when she left she was madly in love with but never noticed her. She has shedded some pounds and changed her hair color and now everyone is noticing her.

Jude is straight up with her, that he is NOT a one woman man. He is a dom, but too afraid of how women will react to that so withholds his dom side. After one night with Rori he figures out that she is the woman to explore that side with him, but that freaks him out to the point he makes a serious mistake and turns her away from him. Enter Zach....

OMG, how I loved Zach!!!! He is also a dom and figures out instantly that he wants to top Rori and spend his life with her. They fall madly in love and begin a fairy tale life.

Jude almost goes insane realizing too late that he would have given up all of his other women to be with Rori forever. He figures out the only way to be able to have some part of Rori is just to accept what he can from her and be her friend which in turn gets him to be Zach's friend as well.

This story was beautiful. BUT I have to warn you, there is a HUGE SHOCKING TWIST, that I was not warned about and literally bawled like a baby. I could hardly read because tears were coming out of my eyes so fast. I normally get sad during books, but never have I cried like that. It literally broke my heart.

I highly recommend this book, it was amazing!!!!