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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young OH WOW!!! I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!

I have had this book downloaded to my kindle for a while, and have really wanted to read it, just never made it a priority and let myself get distracted with other things. What a stupid stupid mistake. I have been missing out!! This was incredible.

Braden Carmicheal, what a sexy determined successful alpha male!!! OMG, I loved him and want him for real for my own, Sigh. This guy was sex on legs!!! I'll say this one more time, I want him for my very own. My oh my this man had a way with words, I loved his dirty sexy talk. HOT HOT HOT!!!

Joss, poor girl, was a mess. Having lost her parents and sister at such a young age and then her best friend not longer after, she was very independent and self sufficient. She relies on no one and gets close to no one, except Rhian, which she wasn't completely close with. Then Ellie and Braden happened. I want them to be my family too!!! Gah, I loved them. Joss didn't make it easy for them to get close to her, but they actually snuck in under radar before Joss knew what was happening.

I loved all the secondary characters in this book, Ellie, Adam, Rhian... They were so awesome!! I know there is a sequel coming out and a blurb hasn't been released yet, and as much as I would love to know more of Ellie and Adam's story, and I know the end of this book tied up really nice, I would still like to have more Joss and Braden. That's my hold up, I always want more.

This book was exactly what I was looking for. It was awesome!!! I flew through it so fast, I can't really even believe how fast I flew through it. Put I just couldn't get enough Braden and therefore couldn't put it down. Simply Amazing story!!!