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2013 Reading Challenge
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Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning

Ummm, just no words. I have finished this crazy crazy ride. I'm ├╝ber pissed, sad.....

I'll probably need to revise this, I just finished and I'm rambling, but since I'm heading straight into the next I felt I should put some sort of....something down.

The majority of this book I have been severely pissed at Mac. I find Barrons to be her one true person to trust and she just won't give him anything. How many time does the "dude" have to save her life, bring her back from pri-ya, have her back before the chick realizes he may not be completely open about everything, but he is dependable. After the months in bed with him, that's probably where I had lived out the remainder of my days.

Barrons, what are you? Where do you go all the time. You love Mac, it's obvious, why won't you just give her some answers?

And, where the hell did v'lane go?

This is the best book so far, wow!! I had plenty of emotions while reading it. I got so frustrated with Barrons and Mac's messed up "relationship" I threatened to put the book down and walk away from the series all together. Luckily I have some great goodreads friends who insisted I and Vika, who I have been buddy reading this series with, power through. Damn, I'm so glad I did!

Now, on to #5..... That cliffhanger was horrible.