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2013 Reading Challenge
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Consequences - Aleatha Romig I just realized today that I had never written a review for this book. I remember being so mentally F'd up when I finished this book that maybe at the time I didn't feel I could put my thoughts down. I normally like my doing my reviews right when I am done with the book. A lot of the times they end up being rambling and don't make a lot of sense but that's just how I like to do my reviews, fresh and raw. This will probably be shorter than what it would have been had I went back and wrote it when I finished this book.

This book was a trip. I was so F'd up in the head after I read it, I didn't even read another book for several days because I couldn't think of anything except that twist in the end. This is not my typical type of read. However, now that I have read it, I feel I have opened up and allow myself to be a little more of a daring reader.

This book packed in some big punches. It had everything from the dark stuff like kidnapping, rape, betrayal, beatings, blackmail, and murder to the lighter stuff of hope, love, and caring.

That twist, awe, what a killer. That ending, destroyed me. I felt so sick with mysel,f after all that was revealed in the end about Anthony, that I still wanted Anthony and Claire to be together. After time, and I thought about, it I just became angry, with Tony, but still wondered if they could end up being together. Like, I said, somehow this review missed my radar and I have read Truth now and I know how that one ends as well. I was not disappointed!!

I will put in this review what I tell everyone about this book!! This book is not your typical romance. It is a thriller with a dash of love story. It is not a hearts and flowers read. There are a few slow parts that drug out a little long mainly in the second half of the book. I encourage heavily to push through it, you will not regret it. The ending will make up for any doubt you ever had during that time.

This is a great book. OMG, LIFE-ALTERING. I am borderline obsessed with this series. I have learned you never sign your name with a stranger in a bar on a napkin. That act may have Consequences.