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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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London Lace, #1 - Catou Martine HOT!!!

I found this hot little number as a recommendation on my facebook, from a website suggesting next to read after FSOG. UMMMM, not related to FSOG at all, except for some hot sex!! Which was scorching!!

Eliza is a hat maker, who accidently becomes friends with a socialite and heiress Victoria Manning. Victoria sets Eliza up on a blind date with her distant cousin in law. The first meeting goes horribly. Todd is a complete jerk and Eliza wants no more to do with him and no more blind dates. After a night outfor drinks with Victoria and her friend Stella, Eliza finds herself at home and a little bit drunk. She drunk dials Todd to tell him just how much of a jerk she thinks he is. After hanging up on him and a nice warm bath she is ready for bed, but a loud knocking comes at her door. Enter HOTTIE Todd to apologize. And Apology should be accepted if you ask my opinion.

I researched online and couldn't find anywhere of when the next installment is due out, but I am first in line waiting on it.