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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4) - Kristen Ashley Another great Colorado Mountain book. I love this series. This story is about Chace the hot hero cop, who used himself to bust all of the dirty cops in his town by going undercover. Not only was his whole police station full of dirty cops but he was blackmailed into marriage with a woman he did not like, and to top that off she had been murdered and the case had gone cold. Now dealing with a recovering town and still trying to figure out who murdered his wife, to say Chace has dark feelings is an understatement. In walks Faye, the pretty shy virgin town librarian who he has wanted for years. She has wanted him for years as well but with all of the craziness in Chace's life along with his loveless marriage, Faye has marked him as a dream. When attraction becomes to much even though both fight it they can't deny the pull they have toward each other.

I connected with Faye immediately. She lives her life in a book and chatting with her best friends who happen to be online friends that she has never met. Sound like some of us Goodreads peeps?? LOL, I do have real life friends and am 29 and for sure not a virgin, (how she stayed a virgin until she was 29 sorta baffled me) but I got it, she was holding out for Chace. She was quiet and shy and basically lived in a fairy tale until her and Chace realized there was a pull and there was no stopping it. Of course it helped that Lexi was on both sides pushing them toward each other as well.

This book is full of sweetness. Chace is so romantic and sweet and makes it clear once he knows he has feelings for Faye there is no turning back and all he wants is the family with her. Of course, things aren't that simple, with another murder in town, along with a homeless boy needing help, drama starts to build. Chace and Faye takes us through the twists and turns of trying to figure out their relationship, finding a lost boy, and trying to figure out a murder.

I enjoyed getting a little more of the hero's POV in this book. I love books who give both POV so we understand both characters better. THis book was full of sweet, romance, lust, suspense, heroism, and love. There are visits from all of the previous Colorado Mountain Men, which I love.

Awesome book, Awesome series.