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2013 Reading Challenge
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Truth - Aleatha Romig Ms. Romig, I bow at your feet...

OMG!!! Shit, that messed up my head. I just finished this, so warning, there are possiblities of run-on or incomplete sentences and possibly even rambling.

My mind is SERIOUSLY running 100mph. Wow, that was intense. Truth picks up right where we left off at the end of Consequences. When I finished Consequences I immediately needed a serious dose of hearts and flowers. That book messed up my mind so much it was all I could think about for days. I started reccomending this book to everyone. I would warn them about the darkness but the push them on with the amazingly intense twist at the end. In the end of Consequences when I wrote my review it was just the same as this immediately after reading. My mind was so messed up, I was still hung on Claire and Tony, and hoping he would turn into a great guy, so inturn I was on the band wagon for them to get back together. Overtime, I began to change my mind and think he was a jackass and was waiting for Claire's revenge. I have been patiently waiting.

With Truth, REVENGE is what I was anticipating. What a surpise I got. Throughout the book I must admit, I was shocked at the amount of frustration I had. Normally I take a book in stride. I can sit and read for hours. I would get so MAD at Claire, I would literally have to put my kindle up and walk away. Never have I done that. Over and over I would get annoyed not at the book, but just the naivety Claire showed. I even once said outloud "Why are you being so stupid?", needless to say my hubby and child wondered if I was going mental, for which at the time I worried about myself. But with that said, I would find myself drawn right back to it, skipping laundry and dishes if needed. Even cooking while holding the kindle. I must admit, it took me longer to read than normal, but only because I had to many feelings I was not used to dealing with because of a book.

Ms. Roming, I give you kudos. HOLY SHIT!! I hated Tony for a lot of the book. I just kept thinking for what he did to you how can you believe a word he says. At every turn he was there waiting. And then she would just let him feed her those bullshit lines and I would get so frustrated. My exact thoughts were stupid stupid stupid. (This is where I would put the kindle down to cool down, LOL.) I loved Harry!! Harry is the guy made for Claire. What is that said in the movie Twilight Eclipse, Claire was made for Harry, but Tony prevails over that. I'm not so sure, I mean the tables could change at any minute, but that is almost what this seems like. WOW!!!

That ending!!! All the twists and turns!!! Holy geez, I wanted a counselor. I felt at times trapped, like literally. I felt confusion, lust, love, compassion, trust, betrayal, anger, frustration, and highly highly annoyed for the most part. Some of that proved to be wrong, I think anyway, we will see. I guess I will know for sure with Convicted. Can't wait!! A year, Really??? How will I manage that??? I hope this made since, this is for sure raw emotions coming straight from finishing the marvelous book!!! I loved it and I do believe this is the longest review I have ever written!!!