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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Wild Man (Dream Man, #2) - Kristen Ashley How I love a cocky guy!!!

Brock was a cocky badass guy who treats his woman like a goddess and his kids like gold. I loved him!! Super loyal, protective, and hot tempered!!! I love that he would be total hot tempered with anyone but Tess!!! He had a hard dealt life seeing as he had to step in and look out for all his brothers and sisters at such a young age, then lost his best friend/ex to horrible circumstances, then had to deal with the bitch from hell plus having to try to figure out how he feels for his father. He totally diserved a break and lucked out in finding Tess.

Tess is just nothing but pure sweetness!!! There really is no more to say about her than that. She diserves a break in life for what she has indured with her ex husband and totally clicks with Brock. She is caring, loving, loyal, and fiercly, like stated before sweet.

This book was a great read!! I felt the end was rushed and really wanted a little more drama after all the build up!!!