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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Exquisite (Exquisite, #1) - Ella Frank

Oh this book was totally exquisite, lol, get it! No but for real, the word that seriously comes to mind is sweetness! Mason Langley is one hunk of fine ass. He was so caring and thoughtful and yes sexy as hell. Sure he went through a rough patch and I got a little irritated at him, but hey, guess I can't blame the guy. I liked Lena especially after she came out of her shell. I hafta give it to her, if someone had talked to me like Langley did I would have turned around and walked out. I k ow why she didn't and I'm thankful, but hey in real life that would have sucked and I honestly don't think I am strong enough to keep running back for more. I'm sad one particular character wasn't around in the end, but got to say I saw it coming but I wished it wouldn't have.
This is a very sweet book with super hot sex ( shower and window scenes, HOLY HELL that was hot) and heartache. I loved getting to see the characters grow to trust and love and even deal with betrayal. More importantly I loved the family unison and the point of showing to deal, move on and forgive. Awesome book!!