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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Avoiding Responsibility - K.A. Linde HOLY SHITBALLS!!!!!

Of course obviously I am going to re-read the new edition that comes out in December. BUT, OMG!!!
This series, or at least the two so far, drive me absolutely insane while I am reading them. I'm actually really happy with this ending. I was so TEAM JACK, starting into this book, I mean for real, but on the other side I kind of see him as weak. Don't get me wrong, I am hoping he comes back to Lexi and begs and pleads for everything that he has. And I hope my theory that Becka has some how blackmailed him into marrying her is correct and he realizes it and figures out it is going to be so hard to get out of this situation he has gotten himself in. I still don't really know what real feeling he ever had for Lexi, even up until the end when he was still openly admitting he had feelings for Lexi, I'm not sure how true he really was. HE IS A PLAYER. That is why I still think he has been blackmailed or maybe he just sees all the money that is tied in with the Bridges' and figures that is the smart way for him. I sincerly think it would be cool if he had to come to Lexi wanting her to be his freaking divorce lawyer. Ok, I admit I'm getting carried away with the Jack Bash. I hate it I really do, because I wanted them to end up together. I wanted Jack to change and be the guy Lexi once knew only with no commitment issues. But, I just think the road is too far gone for a recconcilation.

Now for my Ramsey! I'm still not 100% on board with him either, I mean, how will she ever be Becka's sis-in-law. I mean they will slaughter each other. Not to mention if she is Jack's sis-in-law how acquired would that be. However, I am a little bit more optimistic about the latter seeing how the ending was a strong Lexi. I love how she threw him under the freakin' bus. He deserved it, omg I am once again on Jack. I can't help it, the fool totally screwed up!!

Needless to say, I feel like I have lived this life today. I hated Lexi for the most part of the book, only because she does the most stupid stuff and brings all the drama to herself. Sometimes, it is like she can't be happy unless she is living in a drama filled situation.

I can honestly say, I have never read a book, or a series rather, with so much damn drama. It wears me completely out. I have no idea what the next book could possibly have in it. I hope Jack begging and Lexi telling him NO!!! LOL!!! I am mean tonight!!! I'm a little worried about what more drama could be stirred up but I guess we will see, until December...