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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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From Rags - Suzanne  Wright Loved this book!!! I Loved the character Jaxxon. She was outspoken, strong, brave, and very much so not afraid to be who is was and didn't care if others didn't like her for it. Poor Connor had met his match with her. I loved Connor's posessiveness. I wonder in real life if I would actually put up with that or not, but if certain characters were real and in my life I'm sure I would, because certain characters make it so smokin' hot!!! LOL!!

My only flaw with the book was that I thought the stalker situation was built up so much that once he actually kidnapped her I felt it took a nose dive and I didn't feel like Jaxxon was in any real danger. It just didn't seem believeable to me. Yes we know Jaxxon is brave and strong, but come on a psycho who has raped his own daughter is holding you and knife point and their is blood all over the bed and your not going to act the least bit scared. I mean I understand putting on a brave face and all but she never even acted a little bit scared and even after she was saved it was never mentioned again.

Don't get me wrong I loved the rest of the book. I have seen where some have complained about typos and such but none of that bothered me. The sex was smokin' HOT!! I loved the storyline, I even loved the ending which I will not disclose here even though it was a little predictable.

I was extremely excited to read this I had heard great things and was not disappointed.