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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Whirlwind - Robin DeJarnett Everybody needs a prince charming like Jason. OMG, wow. He was so sexy but at the same time so sweet. I could honestly go on and on about Jason. I fell in love with him. *sigh*

Melissa was a little hard on herself and at first I found it irritating but once I understood about her dad, I got it better. I did realize that Melissa having a naughty personality and a shy personality is a lot like myself so I felt connected with her.

Melissa and Jason together were awesome, I felt sorry for Jason when Melissa would go all depressing waiting on the expected doom though. I'm glad she finally woke up.

I wish the story would have carried on a little further or at least showed a little bit of their future together. That may be my problem, I get wrapped up in stories and always want just a little bit more.