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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Trust in Advertising - Victoria Michaels Ok, so I liked this book, really, but my gosh the whole last half of the book I was yelling at Vincent. As touchy feely as he was with Lexi and the little subtle hints then turn around and take Jade somewhere. I mean I get it, I do, Lexi works for him and Jade has put it in his head that she is helping, but wouldn't red flags have shot up the moment he found out she was calling Julian Stone the exact same time of their presentation. OMG, Jade was the bitch from hell. Lexi put up with so much shit from her. At first, when she was new at her job I understand putting up with Jade, but news flash, when ur boss clearly can't stand the woman and his whole family can't stand the woman, I would be damned before I would still put up with her crap. I love that they finally ended up together but it was just exhausting to get there. I really did like this book though, lol.