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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Kept by Him - Red Garnier

I've really enjoyed this short story series. All of these Chicago alpha males have been scorching hot playboys that all fall head over heels in love and realize all the playing they've been doing was just a past time to finding the girl of their dreams. The thing I've enjoyed the most about this series, is the fact that each book is just barely over 100 pages, but the stories don't seem to be rushed or incomplete. They have plenty of character development, with some backstory, and duel POV's with a big HEA!!

Daniel had known who the girl of his dreams was for years, but she asked him to step back and he did for her. But when she comes to him and asks him to have sex with her, he knows this is his opportunity to finally get her and have her as his own. She doesn't go down easy, but who could really turn down Daniel Lexington??

I loved the photo shoot scene, like scorching hot, well basically any scene with Daniel was, but that one was beyond hot. I can't wait for the last story. Those silent type guys always get me for some reason. :)