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2013 Reading Challenge
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Convicted  - Aleatha Romig

Convicted (Consequences, #3)Convicted by Aleatha Romig

"You must stick to your conviction, but be ready to abandon your assumptions."

WOW, I don't even think I can begin to say what I'm feeling inside about this book. I'm exhausted, feel a little hung over, (wait that's from all the alcohol I ingested while getting through this), I'm SOOO emotional, still a little confused, mad at some characters I loved and love some characters I didn't so much, but at the same time all kinds of happy. Seriously though, Ms. Romig straight up wore me out and still kept me hanging on every word until the last sentence.

"A wish, a dream, a miracle-Whatever it is, it's real."

It was NOTHING that I thought it would be, absolutely went the opposite direction I thought it would go, actually. Like within the first 2% I was like, "Wait, what!?!?!". Matter of fact my very first status update was "WTF??", LOL!! Some of it I loved, some of it I thought was going to make me crazy. I need to really sort out my thoughts, I just know Ms. Romig is a genius. The way this series twisted and turned was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I went from absolutely hating Tony in Consequences to just completely adoring him in Truth and Convicted. Others that I loved/hated I ended up feeling the opposite about in different books as well.

"Theirs was a long, complicated story with a monster and a knight. What made their story unique was that these two players were the same person."

I can't quiet give it the 5 stars I want, because the ending left me,....disappointed, no that's not really the word, just sorta short, I guess. I mean, (view spoiler)[ WHO THE HELL was Phil and Eric talking about?? (hide spoiler)] And at times it took me a long time to read it because in the middle it kinda got slow. In Consequences, there was a slow spot in the middle too, but it was so gripping and had me trapped in it for days after, I ignored that but this one was different. I couldn't put Consequences down, this one sorta lulled me to sleep. I can't really pinpoint where that started but until I got to 70%, I could only read about 10-15% at a time and then I was a goner. Plus it hurt my head to read more than that at a time, too. I had to absorb it all. Not that I minded that part, just when it got slow. I'm sorry just the way it went for me.

I feel like if I say too much I could ruin spoilers for others so I'm just refraining from that. Just know, Consequences and Truth need to be read first and in order before reading this book. This series will make you question everyone in it, every action they make and even the consequences suffered. It's insane and thrilling, and confusing, but all at the same time, bloody brilliant.

It's like nothing I've ever read. Anytime someone asks for a recommendation for something to read, this is the series that first comes to mind and I practically shove it down their throats, lol. Read it!!

OMG,.....OMG,....OMG, that blurb....How the hell am I supposed to wait another month for this book??? It seems like I've been waiting on this book forever. DAMN, I can't wait. Clear my whole schedule, cause Oct 8, which is my anniversary, I'll be doing nothing but reading this book. :)

I swear I saw somewhere that the release date was in October...was I smoking something and not remember doing it, because there still isn't one on GR... :(



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Here's a very confusing excerpt.


I refuse to believe that the guy with her on the island isn't Tony in the end of Truth!!!

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