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The Mistress (The Original Sinners, #4)

The Mistress (The Original Sinners, #4) - Tiffany Reisz

NO, NO, NO, NO.....Yeah, I seemed to have plenty of status updates that say the exact same thing, but over and over that is how I felt. I'm all over the place right now, so this review may end up a rambling mess that I have to come back and fix, but I need an outlet to release some feelings and I'm using this review to do that. haha, I've vented to Lkay, Mercy, and Amy and they've helped and made me realize I'm not the only one feeling this way, so that makes me feel a little better. SO, hurry up Vika, Dana, and Sultan so I can see how you girls feel too, lol, but overall I just feel disappointment. SO much damn disappointment. :( I think the ending just did me in.

Now since then^^, yeah up there, I have talked to Diana, and she has helped me to see some things through another prospective and it helped to calm me down, which then made me raise my rating and be less mad at some of my beloved Sinners. But I still have some beef, so my ramblings may be edited, lol.

The Mistress begins right after that cliffhanger from The Prince. In case you haven't read this series and plan on it, don't read any further there may be spoilers to the other books but I won't spoil on this book without spoiler links. Nora has been kidnapped by Soren's wife/Kingsley's sister. I put this in spoilers because I'm pretty sure that was revealed in The Prince, but it's been a while so I was just being careful, lol. and being held captive. Everything has basically been building to this book. All during the series there has been things going on, (break-ins, documents stolen, mysterious killings, property damaged) that has been hinting to what was to come. Once Nora is kidnapped all come together to find and rescue her. Including some that came out of nowhere. haha, and so my rant begins...

(This is exactly how I was while typing this out, lol. ^)

I have loved this series. In the first book I was slighty,...okay lets be honest scared shitless of Soren, but had a major crush on Zach and haha Nora too. Come on now, you did too, don't pretend Nora wasn't awesome. And feeling mushy feeling for Wes. The second book I found myself being less afraid of Soren and more on his side. But come on, at first I was disappointed Zach wasn't around but soon found out my crush for him was nothing compared to my crush for Griffin, ahhh, Griffin. And totally wanting to stab Suzanne in her nosey throat with a pin. Then the third book I found myself falling harder for Soren and rooting for him and Nora more than ever and getting highly irritated with Nora and Wes. I must explain that. I love Wes, I do, I just never thought he was a good fit for Nora. He would never accept her world and after a while she would become suffocated trying to live in his. So I just was sick of them together even though they could be sweet. But in the last book, sigh....I'll try to explain, I just feel so much and so strongly about it.

I don't want to tell much more about the plot because I don't want to spoil. So let's just sum it up. Wes called and warned Soren about Nora, which in turn went to Kingsley with the news. Soren is desperate enough he even suggests cops, for which Kingsley ummmm, denied him. :) You'll see. Wes races to find answers by coming to Kingsley. Griffin comes to help but is told that he will be in charge while all is going down. All of this made perfect sense to me. These are the characters that we have grown to love from the very beginning. I wish Griffin could have played a bigger part, but I understand someone had to take over for Kingsley. But there are other characters that just sprung up.

Laila is Soren's niece. She's in town for a "surprise" visit to see her uncle. She ended up being a pawn. OH yes, that term. Apparently this book is one huge chess game, and if weren't for Amy and her explaining I would have never figured this part out. SHOUT OUT GIRL!! Thanks for the info, btw!! She's sweet and innocent and has stories to tell about her Uncle Soren and Aunt Elle, but really not a major player. However, I saw her place in the story from the very beginning. ;)

And then there's Grace. She's Zach's wife in for a visit which accidently ended up being by herself. For some reason, when she finds out about Nora she automatically thinks she deserves to be in the inner circle even though no one there even knows her. Get ready for it, I didn't get her relevance to the story, she seemed forced and in the way and annoyed the hell out of me, until the end, and then I just hated her. YES, I know I may get some negative feedback from this, but that's how I feel about her.

Okay, Since Grace is my biggest downfall of the book I think I should start there. Grace and Zach are back together and apparently stronger than ever considering they joke about them having affairs and Zach missing Nora. Zach has given Grace one night to let loose in the Underground as long as he doesn't have to know the details. But when Nora's kiddnapping comes to her knowledge she goes to find out answers. okay, whatever she was worried. But then for me, every time I got a chapter with her POV, I internally groaned. Really. Like I said she made no sense being involved in this situation. But every chance she got She ran to Soren, tried to touch him, fawned over him and let him spill stories to her. The man is in pain over worrying about what's happening to the woman he loves and this chick keeps coming around, trying to get closer and closer. Then she tells him she wanted him. SHE'S MARRIED. SOREN IS WITH NORA AND KINGSLEY, HE GAVE HER ALL KINDS OF WARNING, BUT IN HER LAST DITCH EFFORT WHEN HE IS GOING TO RISK HIS LIFE FOR NORA SHE TELLS HIM SHE WOULD HAVE GIVEN ANYTHING TO BE WITH HIM. uh, inappropriate, but I still didn't hate her like major. I HATED HER MAJOR WHEN *MAJOR SPOILER* Nora has been saved yet she sleeps with Soren and makes a baby with him. UMMM, talking about slapping your husband in the face. He didn't want any details about what happened while she was gone and she comes back pregnant with a man he couldn't stand in book one, when he couldn't make a baby with her. That was it, this girl right here was so D-O-N-E with this chick.

Okay a bit dramatic, maybe, hmmm, I feel a little better though, a little.

But I'm not done yet. I'm confused by Wes too. Okay, so since book one he has been in love with Nora. He saves himself, gives himself to her in book 3, even proposed. But in the end, he just let her go. Okay wait, you know that's what I wanted, I'm not complaining that he did. It's just the way everything went down. Yes, I loved him with Laila. I wanted him with Laila, they seemed to connect right from the start. But it seemed like he was in love with Nora, wanted her, all of her forever, was willing to marry her, but when he decides that it would never work he turns around walks away ,like he should have,and then, so unlike him, takes Laila's virginity 20 minutes later knowing he may never see her again. After he had held his for so long. I wanted them together, so I'm happy about that, I just think he went too fast with getting in her pants, and let's be honest, there are other things way bigger than that left hanging after this book that they could have just kissed and left you figuring they were together. Let me clarify, I'm only upset because it seemed so unlike him to end one relationship, turn around and take a girl's virginity that he barely knew. I'm not upset about him leaving Nora, lol. It was the way it should have always been with him and Nora. But, I really did get so sick of him looking down his nose the entire book. Okay, really, I'm trying to shorten this up, I just feel so much about it.

Okay, then my beef with Soren, hahaa. It's not as bad, but it's there. Soren and Nora, and Kingsley too, faced death. Nora and Soren had this beautiful moment, yes it was at gun point, but my god, I was bawling. Then Kingsley saves them and is injured. It was just THAT moment, in a book that you NEVER forget. Then Soren comes home and after years of only being with ONLY Nora and Kingsley, he screws Grace. He was with Nora and Kingsley because he loves them, so why of all of the chances he's had before to be with others does he decide to be with Grace. WHY?!??! I've seen other people speculating, but it seems.....WRONG to me. I mean, don't get me wrong, I know these three don't have some perfectly monogamous thing going but for Soren all of a sudden especially after that moment and what had happened. I guess I just can't wrap my head around it. Diana did help me to see this perrogative a little clearer, more through Soren's eyes and I think I get it a little better when she pointed out how Soren saw it, so I'm going to try to be less upset about this, but never going to get over Grace getting pregnant. NEVER, EVER.

Funny enough, I never even have discussed the Crazy. Well she has a name, but crazy suits just fine. She had definitely slipped off her rocker and honestly, if the whole Grace situation wouldn't have taken up so much of my review I would have talked about her more, but given how long this has become I'm trying to cut it all out. She'S a demented crazy psycho that was completely delusional.

AND THEN....the ending. WTF?!?!? I still have unanswered questions, smh....maybe I'm being to hard on this. I mean, I have loved this series, will still recommend to everybody. The writing was beyond fantastic, the storyline captivating and I hung on every word. It was just this book that felt....disconnected? from the rest, maybe not all of it, just the Grace thing felt too forced and I didn't get it. I know I have rambled a lot and I'm going to edit some, but I had to let my feelings out first...And as you can see, I didn't hate the book, I gave it 4 stars, if it wasn't for the Grace thing, I'm sure it would have been a 5 star, she just annoyed the hell out of me which led me to a lower rating.

"I always love you. I never once stopped loving you. All those times I said I hated you, I never meant them, not once. I loved every part of you, every secret, every sin. I love what you are and what you do and how you make me feel so scared and so safe all at the same time. God, I wish I had my collar."

"You don't need it. I know who you are, who you belong to."

"I promised you forever. Forever isn't long enough."

"And I promised you everything in return. I meant it."