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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Edible (Exquisite, #3) - Ella Frank Holy Batman was this book scorching!?!?!?!

I have loved this series from the very beginning. I was hooked when Mason and Lena made some peaches and cream, haha, (and I totally thought of that song when I typed it), you know what I mean, and if not, that should make you curious enough to read this series. Then Georgia and Josh were fantastic with a road trip down south, haha pun intended and then I've always had a love for caramel candy, but it gets addicting so I don't have it a lot, I'm thinking I may think of a whole different thought the next time I have one thanks to Cole. I think, I can't be sure, because all of these books have been hot, but I think, this one may have taken hot to a whole other level.

Definitely Rachel

Rachel had met Cole a while back in Entice at the club Whipped. She gave him a hard time, decided real quick she hated him and moved on with her life. Little did she know, she had struck Cole in a whole other direction. Burned out on life, she's wanting a change. She's actually running herself to death and has recently realized she's lonely. Running her mom's shop in the morning and working at Exquisite at night she's thinking of getting herself some help. She was so lost in her thoughts she ran right into someone. And that someone ends up being Cole. They have a heated moment but once again Rachel brushes him off, or at least she wants him to think that, really he has made an impression on her and one like she hasn't had in a while. But, goes on with her business

However, Cole, is overjoyed of his run-in with Rachel and has been waiting on a chance to see her again, and now he knows he wants her and plans to make that happen.

When she agrees to meet him at Whipped she knows she should be running in the opposite direction but something keeps pulling her to him and she knows this could be the beginning of her moving on with her life. Cole can't wait to see what Rachel is all about, but he's already thinking of ways to keep her.

This book, oh my wow, was so freaking hot. Cole has this commanding dirty mouth on him that will make you break out in shivers every line he speaks. I'm not even kidding. Lady parts beware, lol. He is every bit the controlling alpha male. He's a lawyer that is used to getting his way. He was sexy as hell!!! Geez, Louise!! Rachel was fighting demons. She hadn't had the best luck with men, so had started drifting toward men she could control. It really wasn't the kind of man she really needed but needed the control in her life. When she got with Cole this was not the case, and turned out to be the perfect match for her.

This book/series had it all. Scorching sex scenes, drama, however I'm going to say more so in book one and two than three for me. There was drama, just not the same kind. Great characters with a fantastic family to back them and delicious food, wink wink. I highly recommend!!