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2013 Reading Challenge
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Here Kitty, Kitty! - Shelly Laurenston I have a new book obsession and it is tiger shifters!! Dang this book was good.


Technically this was the last in the series, except for two short stories that really aren't part of the Magnus Pack, it starts right where the last left off only with Angie instead. A week after meeting the hot guy in the airport and having his brothers come in her store every day, she's attacked leaving and then wakes up in a unknown room with a tiger in it. Turns out his brothers have kidnapped her and brought her to their hot brothers house. Angie and Nic don't exactly get along at first, ha who am I kidding, with everything between toliet lids and baseballs being used as weapons and a shotgun shot through a door, Angie made her presence known but before long Nic and Angie can't fight the pull they have toward each other any longer.

"This was not some big kitty she could lead around by his cock. This one was a big, mean, woman-eating tiger. And she'd do well to keep her legs closed and her body off-limits."


"And, Sugar, if you're gonna sit out on that balcony at night, half naked, smellin' so sweet and sighing like you just had the best f@ck of your life, then you might as well put a leash around my neck and call me yours."

Things get pretty heated after hardly anytime, but things seem to keep interrupting them. For one Nic, he knows he wants it different with her, but Angie makes that a little hard to remember. Both are convinced it will be just a fling but the more time they spend together both start to wonder if they will be able to let the other go.


This book was amazing. I've always had a thing for shifter books, but as far as I can remember I've only ever read wolf shifters. Let me just say this Tiger was scorching hot. Something about the way he stretched all around like a cat on everything and jumped up to her balcony, just really did it for me. These two were scorching hot together. Of course, all of the hilarious girls were back and did not disappoint. I laughed so hard at several parts of the book. The only reason I gave this one 4 instead of 5 stars was at the end it left me wanting a little bit more. Not that it didn't tie up well, because it did, I just wish the epilogue would have included a little more than it did. Not a big deal, because I tend to want more from books all the time, so it's probably more me than anything else. I loved this series, it's characters, and everything that went along with it. :)

Sara smiled. "You always had the best right hook."

"Remember that boxer I dated...he taught me that...and not to use my teeth during blow jobs."

Miki locked her gun, shoving it back in its holster, "Well that was information I could have lasted a lifetime never knowing."