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Wicked Cravings  (The Phoenix Pack, #2) - Suzanne  Wright "Sometimes people need to have something moved from their reach before they realize how much they want it."



"Nothing and no one will keep me out of your life, Jaime. Not even you."

This book was just as good as the first in the series. It picks up I assume a month or two after Feral Sins. Jaime and her brother Gabe came to the pack in the place of Selma and Kirk. Jaime has always been hopelessly attracted to Dante. Even as a kid she followed him around relentlessly. He would protect her from bullies and such but other than that he never paid the attention to her like she wanted. Since coming to the pack she has upped her advances on him, but he still seems to just ignore her. Hurt by a conversation she wasn't supposed to hear she decides that she is done with Dante. She isn't going to embarrass herself in front of him any longer.


The moment Dante realizes Jaime has lost all interest in him, he realizes he doesn't like it. Curious to find out what has changed her he starts to question her and even follow her. He is overcome with jealousy when he sees her out with another guy but Jaime just pushes him away further. The thing is, Jaime is holding back a secret and Dante is determined to find out what it is. Eventually Jaime's secret comes out accidently when being pushed too far, and Dante is there to witness it and also pick up the pieces.

"You're mine now, Jaime. Not just for one night. When I say you're mine, I mean you're mine. But see here's the thing. Now you have to deal with me and I'm not easy to deal with."


Dante and Jaime have always had a pull toward each other, even if Dante hasn't ever admitted it to her, but once they start training together the pull becomes stronger and both decide they would rather be together forever and will even give up their true mates for each other, if necessary. Of course it's not always easy, to start with the pack isn't entirely comfortable with Jaime being there once her secret comes out. Not to mention there are people out to get Dante and once it becomes obvious Jaime is with Dante they are after her too. And Dante has secrets too, not as big as Jaime's but big enough they could tear Jaime and Dante apart.


I loved getting more of the pack, especially Taryn and Trey. Jaime is a lot like Taryn with her sarcasm and independence. While Dante reminds me a lot of Trey with his over possessiveness and tendency to try to control everything and everyone. But for me that just gave the story some quirky lines and drew me in more. I loved this line/scene in particular...

"You know what I don't understand? Why they sing 'Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.' Why do they wonder? They already know what it is-they answered their own question before they even asked it."

There were a few things in the end I was a little disappointed in. To keep this spoiler free, I will just say that one particular person, deserved by far a bigger punishment than they got and that really ticked me off. I couldn't really see Trey or Dante's character letting this person get off that easy and I think Jaime should have at least got some say in her punishment too. I know they weren't part of this pack but they put plenty of this pack in a....situation.

I definitely recommend this book. It has some hot smoking scenes, suspense and a big 'ole HEA!! To get the whole story read Feral Sins first because this will have some major spoilers if you try to read this one first. I can NOT wait for more from this series. I read this as a buddy read with my smutateers and we discussed the possiblity of the next story being Shaya and Nick's or if that will be a spin off. It has been sit up really nice but seeing that this series is the Phoenix Pack we weren't sure what would come next. Whatever it may be I'm completely stoked for it and waiting somewhat patiently for a release date. :)

BTW, I accidently found this famous couch everyone is always talking about in these books.