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2013 Reading Challenge
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Down and Dirty (Dare Me, #2) - Christine  Bell I'm having a little trouble trying to decide how to rate this book. I really really liked Shane in this book. He was amazing, but Cat drove me absolutely insane. I liked her in the first story and was really looking forward to her story but...she ended up just getting on my nerves somewhat.

The book starts out with Cat, Galen, and Lacey at the bar right after Galen has won his last fight. They are out celebrating. Shane shows up unexpectedly and immediately the tension starts crackling between him and Cat. Later in the night Cat comes back to her room, a little drunk. Shane is staying with her due to his last minute decision to come see Galen's last fight. Let's just say, they picked up where they left off in the past. But instantly Cat "runs away" as Shane calls it.


"I came back here for you, Cat. Because I've always known we'd make a great couple. Since we were teenagers. I was just waiting for you to grow up and realize it, too."

Shane has decided that he has came back for Cat and will not stop until he has her. But Cat is not so reluctant and even wins a bet and sets him up on a dating website. Shane goes with it, using reverse psychology against her, but when will enough be enough.


I really really want to give this book more stars. Shane was such a hot, smart, patient hero. He wanted Cat when they were in high school, and one night in the lake came very close to having her, but he had sworn to her brother and his best friend he would protect her and that made him step back at the last second. What he didn't know is by him stepping back it had cut Cat so deep, it had made her the way she has grown to be. He has came back just for her now though, hoping she had grown up enough to want him back.


Cat was just stubborn, most of all. I like that she was sassy, witty, and smart. And I like a stubborn women to a point, but this girl was just delusional. That last fight she provoked really did me in. Shane is way better a man than she deserved, because even though he could have done so much better, *clears throat* Courtney, he knew him and Cat had something and was never going to give up.

I don't discourage against reading this. It was a really good short story, really good, and I loved getting more of Galen and Lacey in it. Cat and Shane had chemistry out the wazoo, and between the sheets, wowza. But think what really knocked it down another star for me was that last arguement between them. It royally ticked me off at Cat, and maybe after I get over my temper tantrum, I may knock it back up another star.