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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Loving Hart - Ella Fox I just love this family and this series!!

This is the story of Spencer and Delilah. The reader gets to live some of the heartbreaking backstory in this book that all of the Hart/Cross family lived. And let me tell you it completely broke my heart. It made you love these characters even more for all they had endured as kids. It's so romantic that Spencer got to look over Delilah her whole life. I loved that he was her first everything.

When Spencer and Delilah were together everything was perfect. From everything from their first kiss to the first time they went to Malibu. I hated their time apart and all of the miscommunications they had. I felt like they were under estimating Dante and Damien and gave up way too easy. There is no way the man I want to be with is going to admit to me that there is a possibilty that he might be with other women and I'm going to be okay with it. I believed that he loved her, but if they agreed to wait out the two years then I believe if one has to be faithful they both should. Spencer really pissed me off here, but being in his mind did help. The time Delilah saw Spencer in the bar with the little slutty girl setting on his lap, instead of running I thought she should have went all "crazy ex-girlfriend" on him.


I'm so glad Spencer warmed to being a daddy. I was so worried with the way Broken Hart ended and then all of the agony we endured in this book that he was not going to accept it for a while and this agony would transfer over to the next book. He and the Hart kids deserve any happiness that comes to them and more with the past they had. It seems baby fever has taken over, lol!!

I loved the little twist in the end. It totally threw me for a loop. I can't wait for all to come with the new family members. I also am so excited to see Spence's parents get exactly what they deserve. They are horrible horrible people.

I am sooo looking forward to more stories in this series. I just read the next is Dillion's story and also Dante and Sabrina 2.0 is being written. SOOO EXCITING!!!!