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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Law Man (Dream Man, #3) - Kristen Ashley

Sigh!! The best way to sum up this book was just total sweetness! Mitch Lawson is every little girls dream of the man who shows up as a knight in shinning armor on the white horse and saves the day. Don't get me wrong he had a way with words and the way he said his words could b straight up sexy as hell. I felt that Mara was a little bit hard on Mitch and couldn't see what exactly he was doing for her at first and it really irritated me, but she got over that and grew more confident and stronger and I grew to like her better. I have to say I was lore than a little excited to see some of Mitch's old friends return especially my man Hawk, swoon. It takes one helluva guy to take in 2 kids that aren't yours and a woman that turns every thing around in her head and pushes you away at almost every turn and stick that out, but hey, that was Mitch and I loved him for it. Great book!