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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Abduction - Varian Krylov I just finished this book. I may come back and change my rating to higher on this book, I'm just confused at the moment of how I actually do feel about it. Parts of the book were HOT, especially between Vaughn and Dev, btw I love Vaughn. Some of it not so much and Conrad just leaving I don't understand completely. I mean I'm glad he did, but he had been so determined to get Dev, watching her for years, kidnapping her, and everything else, I just don't see him just giving her over to Vaughn in the middle of the night without no explanation. I kept expecting him to come back or something. The Jeremy and Gordon thing seemed to forced into the story, I don't know, I didn't get that part. I like the way the ending turned out for Vaughn and Dev but still have a few unanswered questions that I wish would have gotten answered. Overall I was sick when I read this book and instead of taking a shot of Nyquil and sleeping I stayed up until 2 in the morning intranced and then read the next entire day still sick on the couch reading. I liked the detail put in, made me feel right there. I'm kinda all over the place at the moment with it but overall a really good read.