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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Avoiding Commitment - K.A. Linde I loved this book, I think. LOL, what I mean is this book was such a roller coaster. It played with all my emotions. I wanted to scream at Lexi, Wake up, Jack is just using you. I believed that so many times, but then I would turn around and wouldn't be sure. On some level, I want to believe, that maybe Becka is blackmailing or maybe tricking Jack to stay in Atlanta with her. I really want to like Ramsey but something seems off with him and on some level I just don't think them being together would be easy on Lexi being he's Becka's sister. I just think it was always meant to be fo Lex and Jack to end up together. I'm hopeful:). Anyway, I look forward to the next book, not sure I can wait until Dec.